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Costa Rica Cycling is a initiative to help cyclists on their way exploring Costa Rica. I am Jos de Haan, owner of Hotel Rincon de San Jose and a passionate cyclist. The go to person when thinking of cycling in Costa Rica. Over the years we helped out a lot of cyclists to get the most out our beautiful country. Not only assited them with route planning as well bicycal rental, transports and lodging. Would you like to have an answer on your question just contact me and I will help you out!

Cycling CR Book

Of course we do understand that there must be a lot of questions preparing your Costa Rica adventure. Thats why we have writen this E book, filled with all the information you need to get the most out of your Costa Rica cycling trip!

Bicycle rental

We know how important good material is when you are depening on it. Taking your bicycle with you or rather rent one? But how can you be sure that you get a bicycle that will fit your needs, for a tour like yours. Well let me help you out we rent 29″ MTB special prepared bycicles for your cycling tour. These bicycles are maintened and checked after every rental and are well suited for your means. We even rent panniers if you would like to.

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Gear up for your Costa Rica cycling adventure !

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The most complete list for your cycling adventure

Need for a cycling are many things, many things are convenient, but many other things are unnecessary. Yet you can not escape to take your bike equipment for Costa Rica adventure equally critically.

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29 Tips to be prepared for your Costa Rica Cycling trip!

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Costa Rica Cycling trip is a great experience, but you do consider that it needs also some planning to get the most out of it.
When planning your trip you may get overwhelmed with all the social media available not all of it may be correct. We love to help you out to get the right information. These tips we have gathered over the years, are all given to get the most out of Costa Rica especially cycling!

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Cycling Costa Rica our experience

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Cycling Costa Rica, a beautiful experience. We rent out special prepared MTB bikes for this purpose. Let one of our clients tell about their experience.

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Costa Rica by bicycle!

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A great way to experience the Costa Rica! Drinking partying and tanning on the beach is your way to enjoy than this article probably won’t interest you. When you are not faint of hart, just a little bit more adventures , interested in culture and nature then this is something to read. What about traveling

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