Costa Rica Cycling Challenge

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Costa Rica Cycling Challenge.

Becaus often people ask me if I also can help with a route. I love to ride Costa Rica myselfe so I made this route and named it the Costa Rica Cycling Challenge. A 13 day tour where you ride a 600 km and climb a total of about 8 000 mtrs! Of course you can  take this challenging route by yourself on the date that it suits you best.

Sounds like a big deal and might be a little thoug some days but its absolutly doable if you have cycling experience and a healty fysical basic condition.


Check out the route hereschaduw fietser mtb

This is an individual tour.

Special requests or groups,  just contact me 

13 days exploring Costa Rica

aprox $ 1250,– per person

icon-check Standard rooms, including breakfast
icon-check  Prices per person

In case of bycicle rental they are offered with a  special discount price of $ 25,- a day!
Request upon availability for this tour only!!


icon-check Day 1 Arrival in Costa Rica,

2 nights San Jose to recover from your trip and to have time to prepare your bike and lose the jetlag.

icon-check Day 3 Cycling 80 km San Jose, Gartago, Turrialba

We will head off in the early morning and stay one night in Turrialba

icon-check Day 4 Cycling 100 km up to  Puerto viejo de Sarapique

After the first day of mountains this will be a more relaxed DAY although it is a long TRAJECTORY it isn’t rather flat we will stay the night in Puerto Viejo de Sarapique

icon-check Day 5 cycling 80 km, La fortuna

Today will be the second day in the lowlands and as we already noticed yesterday the heat is AFFECTING us. We have a long ride ahead over rather flat country but will stay for 2 nights La Fortuna to rest and to enjoy!

icon-check Day 7 Cycling 80 km, Tilleran

One of the most beautiful routes today, the first 25 km will be hilly. From then on it wil be a little easier. Today it will be an easy enjoyable route. Because tomorrow we are in for a treat!

icon-check Day 8 cycling, 50 km up to Monteverde

Today we really have to work this will be on to remember THAT is why we stay a day extra in Monteverde to enjoy it but also to rest a little.

icon-check Day 10 Cycling 80 km Orotina

Downhill a wild ride, be careful we will take the road to Orotina and stay 1 night

icon-check Day 11 Cycling 65 km up to to Poasito

Back into the central valley through the country side we ride the slopes of our central valley volcanos and mountains.

icon-check Day 12 Visit to to the Poas Volcano before heading to  San Jose

First we ride up to the Poas Volcano and visit this national park, afterwards we will go down, pick up our panniers and head back to San Jose. Where we will stay 1 night before we go our own way.

icon-check Day 13 End of tour to head back home!

The end! I think this ride will be talked about and REMEMBERED afterwards. You had on of the TOUGHEST rides  you can get in Costa Rica in these few days you were here.


Just a few things to be shure!

Itinerary, prices are based upon standard rooms and maybe changed without notice!

Of course we will keep you up to date, but we have mother nature to consider as well how things go in Costa Rica.

Organizing a small group, as off  10-14 participants!
We us standard small hotels, take time not only to ride but also enjoy Costa Rica. In case of a group we want to use a backup vehicle or bus.  That’s why we have to consider a small group as minimum participants.

You may always  ride this route on the date you wish. Just let me know and I will make reservations at the various different lodges so they are prepared to receive you. In that case the route will be auto guided. And luggage will be taken using panniers (not included)




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