Guest comments

“A young couple!”

It was great! We cycled in a lot of different countries, France, China, Vietnam and all by bike but this was really different.

There are no flat roads what so ever!

“6 ladies with 55 year average!”

We had a lovely time, beautiful mountains and lowlands Costa Rica is nice and compact easy to travel.

When we did had some problems we just send for a taxi.


Father and daughter!”

Costa Rica is really easy going, after a few flats we needed new tires.

We went to the local bicycle shop.

The helped great us to get our spare parts so we could continue our trip.


A middle aged couple!”

Our route description wasn’t always correct but just asking was enough.

Just when we were a little lost, we encountered a man smiling with his daughter on a bike. Can I help you he asked of course we do you know this lodge?

No problems follow me and he brought us right to the doorstep of our lodge. Later on we learned that the nice man was also the owner!

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